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I had promised you that I would come up with a blog on ‘how to work towards achieving your dream’ and so here I am.

In today’s blog I am going to tell you a story that is going to inspire you to achieve your dreams.

This is the story of a successful comedian of Hollywood who has stolen all our hearts by pursuing his dream.


Once upon a time, there was a quiet boy who had no friends. With time he discovered he had an excellent talent to make people laugh. He would often spend most of his time at home in making faces at his reflection in the mirror. He was a great mimic too.


His teacher wasn’t too happy about his talent and the same was true with his mom. Yet, the little boy had already made his decision to become the World’s best comedian. He took his very first step by sending out his resume to Carol Burnette, the actress / comedienne of Hollywood, right at the age of ten.


Although he was determined to achieve his dream, there were many obstacles he had to face. For starters, he was dyslexic and had difficulties in reading and writing. The condition was undiagnosed and no one seemed to understand his problem. His own determination to overcome the problem made him develop a phenomenal memory.


Money was the next hurdle. His father lost his job, which took them from lower-middle class towards poverty. By the time the boy reached his tenth grade, he was juggling his day school with an eight-hour shift at a factory. The result? He was just too tired to concentrate at school. He decided to drop out of school when he was 16.


The family decided to move on to Canada for better opportunities. They had no money, no job and were homeless. They spent eight months living out of a camper van. In such a situation if the boy ever was to achieve his dream, he had to work harder than the others, which he did. Luckily for him, his dad was there to encourage him.


He made his dad drive him around to different comedy clubs in Toronto. He finally got a chance to perform at the Yuk-Yuk Comedy Club of Toronto. His excellent performance gave him a job that helped him make a living. When he wasn’t performing he would silently observe others, paying attention to every little detail. He was a fast learner and a good comedian too.


Very soon the boy started finding roles in low-budget films until he struck gold with “The Duck Factory” that came up in 1984. ‘In Living Color (1990 to 1994)’ was the television series that took him as a regular cast member. Then in line, were the Hollywood movies like Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, The Mask, Dumb and Dumber and many more, which took him towards achieving his dream as one of the best Comedians in the World.


Yes, you guessed it right – The boy was Jim Carrey!

Like other boys of his age, Jim could have taken to drinking and drugs; Instead he decided to face the challenges that life decided to throw upon him and work his way out. He tried harder than he could; but he did make something special out of his life. He achieved his Dream!


Do you want to achieve your dream too?

Are you ready to overcome the hurdles that come in your way and move on?

Wait for my next blog which will tell you how to do exactly that!

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