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Work Smart if you want to Grow Rich!

work smart Health Rich Wealth Rich

work smart Health Rich Wealth Rich

For years we have been listening to only one sentence – “Work Hard and you will achieve success.” Yet, all those years of hard work have given us nothing but stress, worries, increased taxes and a whole lot of ailments. Neither did we make money nor did we get to enjoy life.


What you never got to do then, you can definitely do now by learning to work smart. Working smart is all about finding shortcuts, using automation and technologies and improving efficiency.


You may think the only ways to grow rich is by winning a lottery or by inventing a product that the world has been craving for. However, this is not really true. The best method to grow rich is to perform day to day actions consistently in an efficient, smart and effective manner.


If you were to ask whether you should work hard or work smart, I would say a bit of both. Here are a few effective ways to achieve the fastest results by working hard and smart:


Adapt to the changing technologies

Changing technologies are very much a fact of life as are death and taxes. Today is the day where in the next technology would have emerged by the time a manual is written for a particular technology. You can find an excellent opportunity to do better than others by adapting to a changing technology before they do.


Find Examples

There are many examples around you of people who have gained success by working hard and smart. At first you may think these are because of lucky breaks that they have received. But look closer. You will find that it is automation and various other work-reduction techniques such as delegation and multitasking that has helped them reach there so fast.


Avoid Repeating your Mistakes

Repeating your mistakes is one thing that will never help you come up in life. One has to learn from his mistakes in order to go ahead in life. Every time you make a mistake, come up with a written plan on how you can avoid this mistake in future. By doing so, many government agencies and companies can end up saving on lots of time and money.


Find a Niche

With the kind of competition that exists in the market today, survival can become very challenging. This calls for a need to find and dominate a niche that can help you grow. This becomes your USP through which you can enjoy a competitive edge in the market. In order to find a niche, do some research on what people want that no one is providing them with. Also, explore that quality in you that sets you apart from the others.


Monitor the changing needs of the target market

The faster you adapt to these needs, the better it will be for your business. This is how Japan has managed to dominate the global markets despite being small in its population and size.

Working hard and smart is not too difficult. All you need to do is use those grey cells and think in the right directly. You are sure to find your way to success!


To your success!

Dr. Hitesh Sharma

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