Everyone has a dream in life. Most of us treat our dreams as dreams and forget about them with time. But there are only a few who transform their dreams into their goals and go on to achieve them.


Do you want to be one among them?

If yes, you can start by telling me what your dream is.


For starters, write it out on a piece of paper.

If you are confused, here are a few examples…

For instance, your dream may be to become a millionaire…

Or travel around the world…

Find that special person whom you want to live your entire life with….

Write a book…

Act in a movie…

Own a Lamborghini…

Or even share your knowledge with the world…


Tell me your DreamDreams do not have to be materialistic all the time. It should be something that gives you immense satisfaction and happiness.

It can be as big as you want it to be; but it should be achievable.


You should believe in your dreams in order to achieve them. Once you do, you will have to make your subconscious mind see your dream.


A number of great achievers have first seen their dreams before going on to achieve them. You can do it too. This will start preparing your mind towards achieving your dream.


For instance, if your dream is to own a Lamborghini, you should be able to see a beautiful Lamborghini in your favorite color and picture yourself sitting in it or driving it across the road.  Are you enjoying your ride? Are you feeling proud and satisfied? Is this what you have always wanted in life? Then, you should get it!


Many people find it difficult to talk about their dreams. They are scared of being laughed at.  As a result their dreams die right there, inside their minds.


Talking about your dream helps you believe in it with much more conviction. You will find yourself being more positive every time you tell someone about your dream. Also, it makes you accountable to achieve that dream. Now that you have told people what your dream is, you will have to achieve it in order to prove that you are not a fool or a dreamer.


I understand your discomfort in talking to people about your dream; but you can definitely share it with me. I promise I will not laugh at you. Instead, I will give you my opinion on whether or not your dream is an achievable one. I can give you important suggestions that can help you tweak your dream and make it achievable.


Together, we can sit and work out a plan that can help in making your dream, a reality. We will figure out the kind of knowledge you need to gain, the types of skills you need to develop and the experience you would need to obtain in order to achieve that dream.


My dream was to own a software company and to achieve that I completed by BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) and went on to do my MCA (Master of Computer Applications). I worked in a software company for six years in order to gain the relevant experience. I then started my own software company called Digitize Software Private Limited in the year 2012.


I did not back off when it came to talking about my dream. In the process I obtained important advice and suggestions from people that helped me do everything that was needed in order to achieve my dream.


If you know what your dream is and don’t mind talking about it, send me an email at healthrichwealthrich@gmail.com. We will take it up from there.

In case you want to take it a little slower, await my next blog on how to work towards achieving your dream.


To your success!

Dr. Hitesh Sharma